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New Release: Aperture Gen 2 Dataset

One of Aperture's most powerful and unique assets – our global database of problems and unmet market needs – is getting several major updates over the next few weeks. These exciting updates are the result of months of incredibly hard work from our technical team and represent a step-change in our data coverage, accuracy, and detail.

Key components of the update include:


A 2X expansion in problem data. In addition to our recently added 200k new problem profiles, we will be adding another 1+ million to the dataset over the coming weeks for far greater breadth and depth of coverage.


New dimensions of technical detail. Users will be able to see needs not just at a product or customer level, but also the underlying manufacturing process, component, and material level problems related to their search and filter the data accordingly.


Dramatically improved accuracy. A series of new AI models with massively improved performance is capturing even more data while creating cleaner, more accurate summaries of market needs.


Millions of diverse, new data sources. We've been working hard to process many new raw data sources, and we are about to add millions more, including publications from a variety of news, web, conference, and trade publications.  

These updates are currently being tested and will be added to the Aperture customer platform in stages over the coming weeks. We are also working on several exciting new features and data updates, which will only further the power of the platform. Soon you'll be able to use Aperture to see which emerging innovations are targeting important problems, the companies bringing them to market, and more.

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