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What Does ChatGPT Mean for Innovation and AI Startups?

If you haven’t had a chance to test OpenAI’s latest version of ChatGPT, you should. I’ve been running test queries to explore market research topics, brainstorm blog ideas, and even fly fishing topics to test GPT's brilliance.

The output of ChatGPT is mind-bending and has rightly received significant media attention. When commanded to write a new product release post from a simple 15-word description, it can infer what features the product could have, extrapolate pain points the users are experiencing, and do so with an empathetic tone. While sometimes a little vague, what ChatGPT returns in a few moments is truly remarkable and fully of clear value to all sorts of users. As an AI-enabled start-up, this represents both an intimidating development and an exciting opportunity. How can we compete with this? How can we use it? Where will it go next?

For those who are unfamiliar with, we use machine learning to identify unmet needs and problems being discussed across millions of disparate data sources. Our mission is to find the nascent challenges and make them discoverable for innovators and marketers with the right capabilities at their disposal. We see that connecting unmet needs and existing capabilities at scale will help organizations be significantly more efficient in finding new opportunities and better opportunities will populate their innovation pipelines.

As with many companies working on new and innovative data analytics approaches, we’ve discovered that one of the main challenges is not just developing unique insight, but rather communicating it in an intuitive and human-accessible way. For instance, data exploration and visualization can be extremely powerful, but also challenging for those looking for a quick “so what”. That’s where technologies like ChatGPT could help Aperture and others better humanize the insights in our platform and help users tell more compelling stories with their data. In fact, it appears that there is an entire wave of new startups being launched and funded that are little more than application-specific front-ends for GPT-enabled technology. 

I'm excited about the possibility of incorporating new “narrative” communication features like GPT-enabled summarization into Aperture’s platform, as it could allow us to help further streamline the opportunity discovery at the front-end of innovation. I'm also looking forward to seeing how ChatGPT and similar technologies can become more transparent and explainable in their answers. At least for us, we pride ourselves on the transparency of our insights, allowing users to see exactly where they came from and why. The ability to blend GPT's summarization capabilities with better data exploration could really be a game-changer.

There's a lot more to come here, I’m sure, and we’re excited about the potential.

What do you think?