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Explore Your Opportunity Space

Leverage AI to rapidly surface new ideas for growth and innovation

Better Opportunities 100x Faster

 Aperture is revolutionizing the front-end of innovation by giving you deep insight into the relevant problems your customers are trying to solve, in a fraction of the time and resources


Find New Revenue 

Give your market development teams new leads for growth


Guide R&D

Ensure your product development is focused on what customers need


Focus Your Strategy

Find whitespace opportunities to guide long-term innovation and strategy

Aperture's Technology Stack

Aperture leverages patented data mining and AI-powered analytics for identifying key unmet market needs, linking them with technology solutions, and creating immersive tools for customers to explore

Aperture Tech Stack Image
Aperture Tech Stack Description

Get Access to Your Opportunity Space

Learn more about Aperture SpacesTM and see how your team can get access for little more than the cost of a market report

“Aperture has helped us improve both our near-term market development and longer-term innovation efforts, so we can work faster and stay in lockstep with today’s fast-paced markets.” 

Martin J. Curran, EVP & Corning Innovation Officer

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