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Innovation Opportunities in
Fire Prevention & Protection

Instantly uncover the key players, technologies, and unmet needs in this important and changing market. Leveraging AI + human analysis of millions of scientific, industry, and news sources, we help you find actionable opportunities faster than ever. 


What Are SpacesTM?


SpacesTM are curated datasets focused on surfacing the unmet market needs in important and fast-changing market areas, explorable in our web platform. Built by analyzing >100M diverse data sources, we boil the ocean so you don't have to.

With SpacesTM, your team can surface data-driven opportunities for innovation and growth 100x faster than current approaches.


Innovation & Marketing

Identify promising new areas for strategic
product and market development


Research & Development

Focus R&D where your technologies
overlap with customer needs


Consulting & Journalism

Rapidly understand what matters in
complex and fast-moving areas


Company Intelligence

Identify and analyze the companies working on areas most relevant to you


Take a Tour of an Example SpaceTM

Take a quick peek at our interactive demo of another SpaceTM to see what you can do. This one is on innovation opportunities in Carbon Capture.

About This SpaceTM

Fire Prevention & Protection

This SpaceTM broadly covers issues related to fire damage, fire prevention, and fire safety technologies and activities. It includes a broad array of societal, market, product, and technical challenges, including:

  • Issues from increasing wildfire instances and intensity around the world
  • Health risks and replacement complexities associated with flame retardant materials and additives
  • Challenges associated with synthetic building materials and changing regulations
  • Need for more resilient and safe utility infrastructure, e.g., related to electrical and gas distribution, and water management
  • Innovations and needs related to remote fire sensing and monitoring
  • Thermal management challenges in emerging technology areas like EVs
  • and lots more...
Fire Protection Profile

Included in this SpaceTM


Industries and sub-industries


Systems, components, materials, and other technology topics


Profiles summarizing the key problem "themes" - based on AI-powered analysis and clustering of the underlying problem text


Companies, universities, government institutions, and other organizations


Source publications, including patents, scientific journals, trade journals and industry news, and more

See the top companies, universities, and more


Chart and drill into the key material, product, and process technologies




Refine your analysis by source and date

Purchasing Options

report (1)

Basic View

For those generally interested in generally learning about the key problems and unmet needs in this SpaceTM. Get immediate access for your team, including:

  • 3-months of access with automatic, monthly updates as new data emerges
  • Accounts and access for up to 5 users on your team
  • Option to extend access and updates with a monthly subscription

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Customized View

For those interested in a more targeted view. Our team scans your publicly-available data to identify and characterize your organization's products, technologies, and more. We then customize the SpaceTM to help you quickly pinpoint opportunities most relevant to your organization. This View Includes:

  • Everything included in the Basic View
  • 10-year analysis of your organization's capabilities, based on publicly-available data
  • Customized SpaceTM with organization-specific metrics highlighting areas of "technology fit"


SpaceTM + Support

If you need more support than just software and data access, let us help! In addition to the SpaceTM or team of analysts and consultants can help with:

  • Opportunity Identification and Synthesis. Lacking bandwidth or know-how? Leverage our analyst team to help you identify and detail potential opportunities for your organization. 
  • Workshop and Process Facilitation. Many organizations are not practiced at systematic identification of new opportunities. We can teach you the best practices for identifying, detailing, and prioritizing opportunities as well as lead your team in putting them into action. 
  • Custom Analysis. Need something unique? We can conduct lots of custom analyses on our data to help you achieve your objectives. Find M&A candidates. Compare yourself to competitors, and more.

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Why Aperture Spaces?

1. Actionable

Spaces include data-driven insights about technologies, companies, and their unmet market needs down to specific products, services, components, companies, and more. No superficial analysis here - just detailed, actionable data-driven insight.

2. Immersive

Unlike generic market research reports, Spaces let you explore the "guts-level" data driving key trends and innovations. Drill into the details and underlying data sources, and explore hidden connections that otherwise would go unnoticed.

3. Accessible

Spaces are priced at about the cost of a market report with no required long-term commitments or user restrictions, so they are within reach of virtually any team - from startups to Fortune 500s.